Top Rated Android Casino Apps

AndroidSmartphones and tablets have opened a whole new realm of online gambling, effectively birthing the concept of Android mobile casinos. Now, gamblers can take their action on the go and bet from virtually anywhere. Mobile betting comes in a few different forms—app or web based. Bettors can either download a comprehensive online gambling app or use the mobile versions of web-based online casinos.

These smartphone casino applications work across a variety of devices, including Android, and are compatible with the primary service providers like Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T. This page caters to Android users and will explain how to successfully gamble using Android friendly casinos, which Android casinos are best to use and the different forms of mobile betting available to Android bettors.

Most Reputable Android Mobile Casino Apps For 2024

Trusted IconJust like Google has their own quality assurance, we too screen online gambling providers for legitimacy, quality and security. This list comprises our picks for the best legal Android friendly casinos available to interested mobile bettors.

These sites have been proven to have top-quality casino games, reliable performance, high end security protocols and even additional features like bonuses for their users.

The Android casinos we recommend are not found in Google Play and instead operate online through web based mobile applications.

Casino NameCurrent BonusU.S.Visit Site
Bovada Casino100% free up to $3,000USA Accepted CheckmarkVisit Site
Cafe Casino350% free up to $2,500USA Accepted CheckmarkVisit Site
Ignition Casino100% free up to $1,000USA Accepted CheckmarkVisit Site
Slotslv100% free up to $5,000USA Accepted CheckmarkVisit Site

Are Android Casino Apps Legal for US Players?

Yes. The Android casino apps offered in the Google Play store are technically free play apps. You can win money off in-app features or games, but these Android casino apps aren’t regarded very highly by serious gamblers. There are offshore gambling sites that provide Android friendly mobile casinos that cater to US bettors. These sites are legally licensed and sanctioned and are also regulated by a respected government.

Being outside of the US, these sites are unaffected by US gambling laws and US bettors are within their legal rights by playing real money casino games with them. The Android friendly versions of these sites offer the same gambling options, security profile and additional features that combine to give US bettors a high-quality mobile gambling experience.

Are Android Casino Apps Legal for International Players?

The international market is quite different from the US region in regards to their stance on online gambling. There may be some Android casino apps that offer some form of real money gambling in the international markets, but these options aren’t always as reliable as the Android mobile casinos recommended in this guide. These Android mobile casinos were developed by industry leaders who are well versed in developing online casino gambling platforms that cater to bettors from around the world.

Mobile gambling professionals prefer the Android mobile casinos that are web based because they are created by experts who better understand the nuances of the industry. These Android friendly casinos have plenty to offer their users in terms of casino game options, security features and additional features like bonuses.

What Types of Games Are Offered With Mobile Casinos?

This varies depending on which smartphone casino apps you use. Most reputable Android casinos will have a wide assortment of smartphone slots, roulette, video poker, blackjack, keno and more. You can browse through the Android casinos before opening an account to see which games are offered. Some of the offshore gambling sites offer free play, so you can get a feel for how the games work before depositing any money.

What Are Android Casino Bonuses?

Bonuses are incentives for bettors to keep using the online sites. They come in the form of additional money that is added onto your online casino account. They are most often presented as a match deposit bonus that will look something like this:  100% match up to $1000.  In this offer, the casino is offering to match your deposit up to a maximum of $1000. The bonus offers will vary at the different Android mobile casinos. They are offered throughout the year and give bettors a chance to increase their earnings.

How the Technology Works At Android Mobile Casinos

Android products are powered by Google. Google is known for the innovative technologies and their strict adherence to quality with both their products and services. Google has developed a uniform operating system (OS) across their various devices. At the time of this writing, Google Nougat is the current OS version for Android powered devices.

App developers build apps tailored to specific operating systems, so for instance, some online casino apps are designed to work with Androids while others are designed for iPhones and work on iOS. In any case, the app is built to function seamlessly with the device it is being used on.

Web based mobile casino apps utilize responsive design technology to work across a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers. The responsive design allows the applications to function and render perfectly, no matter what device you are using. This technology seamlessly integrates operating system updates issued by Android so that no functionality or compatibility issues arise as the updates are released.

Responsive, web based mobile optimized applications eliminate the need for downloading software onto your device and taking up storage space on the smartphone or tablet.

Android users can download Android casino apps through the Google Play marketplace, however it is worth noting that these apps are almost all free play versions, meaning that there is no real money gambling option offered with them. Google decided to rid their marketplace of all real money gambling apps (at least for US bettors). This is because of the legalities surrounding online gambling in the US and the number of third-party developers hosting apps on their service.

Unfortunately, not every app is reliable or legitimate, so in taking quality assurance measures, Google reduced the number of Android casino apps and left the free play outlets. Free play apps are good for those individuals who are not interested in betting with real money.

Web based mobile casino applications are a safer and more reliable method for bettors to legally gamble through their mobile devices. There are several Android online casinos that are legally sanctioned and licensed to operate. They are also regulated by respected governments. Most of the reputable offshore gambling sites offer some form of mobile version, however it doesn’t require an app or software download. Instead, you use your Android smartphone or tablet Internet connection to navigate to the Android mobile casino version of their platform.

There are some sites that offer the option of a software patch download, but that decision is up to the bettor’s discretion. Since these offshore sites are outside US jurisdiction, and since US federal laws don’t say anything about betting with offshore sites being illegal, US bettors are able use them without violating any federal laws.

For system updates and new releases, visit the official Android website. Or if you have an apple smartphone, visit our iPhone page.