Smartphone Roulette Apps – How To Play Roulette On Your Smartphone For Real Money

Smartphone Roulette GamesAs far as table games go, roulette is amongst the most popular. Roulette has extended beyond land-based casinos and has made its way to the digital landscape through online casinos. Smartphones have integrated themselves into everyday life and that includes gambling. Both iPhone and Android users have access to mobile roulette games through downloadable apps and mobile casinos.

Players have the option to engage in Free Play or real money gambling through these apps. There are also additional features not found in land-based gambling venues that heighten the gambling experience. This guide was created to inform players on smartphone roulette gambling and how they can access it, regardless of which device or carrier they use. If you enjoy playing roulette on your mobile device, then you may also want to check out smartphone video poker, slots, blackjack and keno.

Best Real Money Roulette Apps For Smartphones In 2024

There are plenty of options when it comes to smartphone roulette, including options for both Android and iPhone users. Below you will find a list of available roulette apps provided by premium mobile casinos offering web based, mobile optimized roulette entertainment. These smartphone casino apps have been screened by our team of industry professionals and possess the legal licensing and regulation required to be legitimate. They also deliver a premium gaming experience from our mobile smartphone. You can browse through the available options by clicking on the links provided.

Casino NameCurrent BonusU.S.Visit Site
Bovada Casino100% free up to $3,000USA Accepted CheckmarkVisit Site
Cafe Casino350% free up to $2,500USA Accepted CheckmarkVisit Site
Ignition Casino100% free up to $1,000USA Accepted CheckmarkVisit Site
Slotslv100% free up to $5,000USA Accepted CheckmarkVisit Site

Real Money iPhone Roulette Apps

iPhoneThe apps listed in this guide are made to be compatible with iPhone smartphones. These apps are compatible with Apple’s iOS and responsive technology specs. It’s important to keep your device updated with the latest iOS to ensure security protection and the highest quality gameplay. The apps offered in the App Store are only Free Play as Apple does not offer real money gambling apps through their service.

However, real money gambling roulette games are available through mobile casino sites such as the ones we’ve recommended on this page. Individuals using previous generation models of the iPhone will also be able to enjoy mobile roulette games thanks to the responsive technology that allows the mobile casino apps to recognize your device’s specifications and render the games according to your specific version of the phone. These brands are among the leading iPhone casinos in the business.

Real Money Android Roulette Apps

AndroidGooglePlay has its own share of roulette gambling apps. These apps are also Free Play as Google is opposed to hosting real money gambling apps most of the time. The apps listed in this guide are compatible with Android’s OS and across multiple Android devices. Updating your OS prevents any sort of security risks. At the time of this writing, Android Nougat is the most recent operating system version that has been released. Android users can access smartphone roulette through mobile casino sites by using their mobile web browsers.

Most of the brands we recommend include a bookmark that you can put on your smartphone’s home page for easy, one click access to the application whenever you want. The bookmark does not download any casino software onto your device, but is literally just a bookmark, similar to bookmarking a webpage in your computer’s browser. You can learn more about these kinds of apps from our Android casinos guide.

FAQs For Playing Roulette Games On Your Smartphone

Isn’t A Smartphone Too Small To Play Real Money Roulette?

Mobile casinos have a well-designed interface for their table games that allows for simple gameplay. By using responsive design technology, mobile casinos are able to host roulette games on several different devices including computers, tablets and smartphones. More importantly, these games function and are displayed perfectly on varying screen sizes.

Will I Have To Download Any Software Onto My Phone To Play Mobile Roulette Games?

The majority of the smartphone roulette games listed in this guide run off of browser-based, mobile optimized applications. These mobile versions work with a variety of devices, service providers and mobile networks. In some cases, you will be prompted to download an app, but this only means that the service you are using has developed an app for a specific device or carrier. These apps are small and don’t take up too much storage space on your device.

Which Roulettes Can I Play From My Smartphone?

Each mobile casino has their own table game offerings, but most feature several versions of roulette. Some of the most common forms include American Roulette, Classic American Roulette and Classic European Roulette. Players can utilize Free Play and real money gambling modes with any version.

Mobile Roulette From Online Casinos v. Native Roulette Apps From An App Store – Which Is Best?

The answer to this question depends on players’ needs. If you are looking for Free Play modes, you can access Free Play roulette through native app downloads through Apple’s App Store and Android’s GooglePlay marketplaces. You can also access Free Play through mobile casinos, but most users prefer mobile casinos for their real money gambling options.

Mobile casinos also have bonus programs that add to your online casino account and allow players to play more roulette rounds without staking more of their own money. Mobile casino sites usually have more games available than native app downloads. Most native apps are an app built entirely on one game as opposed to offering several different variations.

What Is Responsive Technology And What Does It Do For Roulette Games?

Responsive technology is a design tool used by developers and is a marker for quality assurance with websites. It allows sites to function across different screen dimensions. More importantly, it allows them to function without any stylistic or functional errors. Mobile roulette games should render and operate the same on your computer, tablet and smartphone. It also gives all players the opportunity to use smartphone gambling regardless of what model device they are using.

Can I Play Roulette For Free On My Smartphone?

Yes. Both native app downloads and mobile casinos offer Free Play modes for roulette games. Free Play gives players the opportunity to experience the roulette games before they gamble real money. Most mobile casinos encourage users to participate in Free Play so they can get comfortable with the site.

How Does Smartphone Roulette Work?

Smartphone roulette operates the same way physical roulette tables work in land-based casinos. Bettors pick either a number or color (or even both for big money bets) and place their wager. The dealer spins a wheel with corresponding numbers and colors and then a ball is released in the opposite direction. Whichever number/color the ball lands on is the winning bet. Roulette is a relatively straightforward game but has the potential for some sizeable payouts.

Are These Games Fair?

Yes. Mobile casinos must hold compliance certifications for fairness as part of their legal licensing requirements. These sites use RNG (Random Number Generator) technology for their gambling interfaces. For roulette, RNG technology uses mathematical algorithms to determine randomized roulette spins. This technology is inspected regularly from authoritative forces to ensure it is functioning properly. You can find information on compliance certifications on the respective mobile casino sites.